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Canoeing, is a type of sport that aims to bring its practitioners closer to nature, at the same time it will bring enormous benefits to the cardiopulmonary system, since it is a modality that requires some physical effort in its practice, implying the maintenance of healthy lifestyle habits.

It is an opportunity to discover and explore nature, visiting places that are difficult to reach on foot, in a landscape of breathtaking beauty.

Our events are for organized groups or for individual registrations and by appointment.



Kayak tour from Sesimbra to Ribeira do Cavalo beach, passing through narrows between rocks, tunnels, caves, coves...

It is possible to visit unique places such as the Frade cave, the Boca do Tamboril cave and the Mula cove, with a stop at Ribeira do Cavalo beach for occasional dives in calm and transparent waters.

Route of 7,600 meters (until Frade Cove)

- Difficulty:

Low/medium - depends on the weather and sea conditions of the day (wind direction and intensity).

- Approximate duration of 3 hours.

The landscape of Arrábida is full of small beaches, with calm, crystalline and transparent waters, an area rich in natural landscape.

The kayak tour starts at Praia do Creiro, passing by small beaches such as Galapos, Galapinhos, Coelhos, Alpertuche, Portinho and a tour around Pedra da Anicha to observe its morphology.

Route features:

route: 8,100 meters.

- Difficulty:

Low/medium: depends on the weather and sea conditions of the day (wind direction and intensity).

- Duration

Approximately 3 hours.


This route is ideal for practitioners with little experience in this modality and especially for those passionate about observing Fauna.
In the area of the channel, between the large and small lagoons, we can observe countless resident birds, namely the mallard, the coot, the herons, the cormorant, the little grebe, among others... mussel....
After a stop for a little fuel, you will head to the channel connecting the sea and the Lagoon (Boca da Lagoa) for diving.


For those who want to enjoy a kayak at their own pace, being able to paddle parallel to the coast, towards uncrowded beaches. such as: Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo, Praia Alpertuche, among others…


We organize kayak/canoe events for organized groups/companies on dates to be arranged.

We favor the Arrábida area, Sesimbra and Ribeira do Cavalo beach


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