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​birthdays with arrábida tours

We prepare birthday parties that transform special days into unforgettable memories.

We have a variety of locations, including the Margem Sul do Tejo, the Arrábida Region, Sesimbra, Setúbal, Tróia, Monsanto, Sintra and Lisbon.

Explore a range of activities and locations presented in our standard packages, fully adjustable to your preferences, serving as guides only.

From exciting activities to delicious meals, and party space rentals, pool and accommodation options, we have everything at your disposal to make it an event you won't forget.

Book your reservation in advance and let us make your birthday unforgettable!

​Celebrate on board with entertainment programs, music, buoys, snorkeling equipment and paddle boards to guarantee fun.

And it doesn't end there - the party can continue on land, by the pool, with even more entertainment and fun moments to celebrate the big birthday.

The tour takes the group to explore paradisiacal beaches, enchanting caves and secret coves.

To create unique memories, we invite the group to stop for diving in the clear and crystalline waters of Costa da Arrábida.

observacao golfinhos arrabida 3.JPG

​Organize an unforgettable birthday party with a lively boat trip along the stunning Arrábida coast.

Enjoy incredible landscapes, sacred beaches and crystal clear waters while you celebrate this special moment with your friends, having the possibility of spotting dolphins, striped dolphins, common dolphins, minke whales, pilot whales, sharks, among others, making the experience unique.

This exclusive tour has music on board, lots of fun and some strategic stops for diving.

Celebrate your birthday in style, creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

​Get ready for an unforgettable birthday day with our exciting treasure hunt!

Divided into teams, participants will face clues, riddles and challenges, using maps and/or guidance devices to unravel the mystery and find the treasure.

The inclusion of symbolic items, gifts and prizes will be personalized according to the group dynamics.

We hold treasure hunt events adapted to different environments and, especially for birthday parties,
we promise a unique and lively experience:

On foot;
By jeep;
By kayak;
By boat.

Choose the perfect setting between the Castles of Sesimbra and Palmela, Arrábida, Troia, Lisbon, Monsanto, Almada and Sintra, and celebrate another year of life.

As a welcome gesture, we offer a typical sweet from the region and a drink to refresh you during the adventure.



Organize a different birthday party.

Experience the magic of the sea with the aid of masks, fins, and respirators! Come celebrate an unforgettable snorkeling adventure.

This activity provides relaxing, fun and unforgettable moments.

Especially when combined with the unique opportunity to explore the fascinating underwater world, full of vibrant fish and impressive reefs that will be etched in the memories of all participants.

We recommend diving in the waters surrounding Ribeira do Cavalo and Baleeira Beach for a more enriching experience.

You just need to choose between the comfort of a boat or the adventure of a kayak to enjoy this unique experience on your birthday.

​Live your birthday in unparalleled way with this exceptional experience, perfect to celebrate this memorable moment.

Explore the magnificent coastal landscapes during a tour that includes passing through the stunning Ribeiro Cavalo Beach, mysterious caves, intriguing tunnels and coves protected by majestic cliffs.


Choose the charm of Portinho da Arrábida, with visits to the beaches of Coelhos, Creiro, Alpertuche and Pedra da Anicha.

To complement this, we offer the possibility of adding other exciting activities or enjoying a relaxing picnic by the pool at our facilities in Sesimbra.

Explore the waters of Arrábida in a unique and exclusive way:
Ribeira do Cavalo Beach;
Portinho da Arrábida - Praia do Creiro;
Albufeira Lagoon;
Kayak tour with snorkeling.

This birthday party will be truly unforgettable, full of special moments and surrounded by the natural beauty of Arrábida.


Experience a unique and personalized birthday celebration with our exclusive Walking Tour with Dedications, exploring the stunning landscape of Arrábida.


Each step in this outdoor activity reveals the natural beauty, fauna and flora, providing unique and unique moments.


Choose the perfect setting from our options and immerse yourself in a unique experience, exploring the Arrábida Natural Park with the help of GPS and other guidance tools.


To make this moment even greater along the route, be surprised by personalized messages and dedications, strategically placed by our organizers.

​Host a fun and unusual birthday party jam with exciting activities and competitive games.

Challenge your friends to solve puzzles that will lead you to essential accessories for playing surprising games. Along the route, strategically placed pots contain clues that lead to unique challenges and games.

We can customize the activity to your preferences and offer a choice between kayaking and hiking.

The incredible places available are Arrábida, the Peace Park in Almada, the Castles of Sesimbra or Palmela, Tróia and also in Monsanto.

This is a unique experience, where every moment is planned to guarantee fun and the creation of unforgettable memories to celebrate your birthday.


Sea lover? Exciting birthday idea - make a splash and have an unforgettable day!

Come and discover, together with your best friends, the best surf spots across Europe in an adventure that promises to turn your birthday into a memorable event.

We organize exciting Surf Trips in locations such as Ericeira, Peniche, Costa da Caparica, Fonte da Telha, Sesimbra, São Torpes, Porto Covo, Costa Alentejana and Algarve.

Enjoy your birthday surfing the waves of Portugal.

​​Embark on an unforgettable adventure for your birthday party, exploring the exuberant nature of the Arrábida area.

Venture on a thrilling pedestrian or jeep tour through the mountains. At a strategic point, the guides will add an extra element of excitement by simulating a vehicle breakdown or making a sudden escape.

The remaining route will be a group discovery, using maps and orienteering equipment.

To make this day so important, we also offer the possibility of inserting customizable messages or dedications along the route.


Get ready for a birthday full of emotions and surprises like Arrábida!

See our Tour suggestions below:



​Suggestion 1) Jeep tour with simulated breakdown.
Participants are transported by jeeps to a defined location, where we simulate a vehicle breakdown. Some instruments and maps are given to participants to get to the starting point of the activity.

With or without games/challenges along the route.

Suggestion 2) Walking tour with challenges/games along the route.
Carrying out a walking tour, where the guides simulate an escape and leave the group to their own devices with the help of guidance instruments.

With or without games/challenges along the route.

Suggestion 3) Walking tour with dedications.
Carrying out the previous program, with the inclusion of dedications/programs suggested by the group leader


​A birthday party filled with laughter, friendly competition and moments that will be remembered forever? Yes!

Our peddy paper was designed to create an activity full of challenges and fun while exploring iconic locations.

Designed to foster companionship and create unforgettable memories, this activity features defined trails and engaging tasks for you and your best friends.

Enjoy a unique experience as you solve riddles, play games and celebrate your special day.


Are you looking to plan a unique birthday party? We help.

Through a selection of traditional games specially created to promote the competitive spirit and interaction among participants, this experience is perfect to celebrate this special moment.

Locations such as Parque da Paz in Almada, Castelo de Sesimbra, Parque das Nações, Belém and Parque Monsanto - Lisbon offer the ideal setting for this unique adventure.

Create memories while enjoying a unique and fun-filled birthday party.


Celebrate the birthday of your dreams with our complete programs.

We offer a variety of activities, from outdoor adventures to relaxed picnics, lively barbecues, pool parties and accommodation options.

We create personalized experiences that adapt to your desires, guaranteeing memorable moments.

Our party rooms are the perfect place for dinner, games and karaoke, providing a vibrant and fun atmosphere.

Enjoy a birthday party full of fun and celebration, where every detail is carefully planned to make this event special and unique.


Organize your birthday party on a paradisiacal beach hidden among the cliffs, with enchanting caves and calm, crystal-clear waters all around you.

This idyllic location is the perfect setting to create unforgettable memories with friends.

We challenge and suggest several beach activities and entertainment to make this special day even more memorable:

Suggestion 1) Boat trip Transfer to the beach.
Suggestion 2) Walk to the beach.
Suggestion 3) Wild canoeing.
Suggestion 4) Wild canoeing + Boat trip to explore the caves.
Suggestion 5) Boat trip + snorkeling to admire the underwater beauty.

Celebrate this special day with a touch of seaside adventure, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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