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Explore the stunning coastline at your own pace with our kayak rentals. Discover hidden gems like Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo and Praia Alpertuche.

Enjoy the freedom of a personalized kayaking experience while discovering exclusive destinations.

- 1 double kayak; 2 Pagaias; 2 Vests; 2 Seats.
- Waterproof bag (paid separately)

The kayaks available are sit-on-top and have a capacity of accommodating 2 adults and 1 child.

- In each kayak, 2 vests are included. If the middle seat is eventually occupied by a child under 10 years old, we will provide the vest at no additional cost.

Up to 10 hours or by arrangement.

- Use of appropriate clothing and footwear: Shorts/bikini, towel, hat, sunscreen, flip-flops and warm/windproof sweater (to be used if necessary).
- Change clothes.

Useful information:
- Those who rent the equipment are responsible for their conservation, as well as possible damage caused to third parties.
- It will be their responsibility to obtain the necessary permits to practice their activity in the designated locations.

Reservations are made in advance and are subject to equipment availability.

To check equipment availability, contact us.


Sesimbra (Porto de Abrigo)

You must be present at the scheduled time at the port of Abrigo de Sesimbra, at the ramp located in front of the Clube Naval.

GPS coordinates: 38.436182, -9.115165

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