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​Explore the stunning landscapes of the Serra da Arrábida coastline  through the Sea

Canoeing is more than a sport; It is an experience that seeks to bring practitioners closer to nature while providing health benefits.

See our unique opportunities to discover and explore nature through Kayak Tours, with visits to places that are difficult or even impossible to access by land.

We hold canoeing events in Arrábida, Sesimbra, Ribeira do Cavalo beach and Rio Sado for groups or individual registrations and by prior appointment.

We recommend that you carry out this activity in the morning. Normally, there is always less wind.


Explore the coastal wonders of Sesimbra on this incredible Kayak Tour to Ribeira do Cavalo beach.


This itinerary was created to take you straight to the heart of this region's natural beauty, exploring stunning straits, tunnels and caves that are only accessible by sea.


Enjoy a unique experience as you pass through the Gruta do Frade , explore the fascinating Boca do Tamboril Cave and marvel at the serenity of Enseada da Mula. The culmination of this adventure is a strategic stop at the peaceful Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo, where the calm and transparent waters invite you for an invigorating swim.


Offer of a typical Sesimbra sweet, 1 juice and 1 bottle of water.

Route features:
- Distance: 7,600 meters route (to Frade Cove)
- Difficulty: Low/medium - depends on the atmospheric a
nd maritime conditions of the day (wind direction and intensity).
- Approximate duration of 3 hours.

​The stunning landscape of Arrábida stands out for small beaches with calm, transparent waters.

This tour, starting at the picturesque Praia do Creiro, takes you to several emblematic beaches in the region, including Galapos, Galapinhos, Coelhos, Alpertuche and Portinho. The icing on the cake is the opportunity to contemplate the unique morphology of Pedra da Anicha during the visit.

Allow yourself to discover the serenity of the waters, the beauty of the isolated beaches and the fascinating morphology of the rock formations and come experience the untouched beauty of Arrábida from a totally new perspective.


Route features:

- Distance: 8,100 meters.

- Difficulty: Low/medium: depends on the atmospheric and maritime conditions of the day (wind direction and intensity).

- Duration: Approximately 3 hours.

canoagem Lagoa de Albufeira 6.jpg


​This route is perfect for practitioners with little canoeing experience, especially for those passionate about observing wildlife.

In the canal area, between the Grande and Pequena lagoons, we enjoyed the unique opportunity to observe a variety of resident birds, including mallard ducks, coots, herons, cormorants, small grebes, among others.

To add an extra dash of fascination to the tour, we will also pass by the mussel farms. After a brief stop to refuel, we will head towards the channel connecting the sea and the Lagoa (Boca da Lagoa), so you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

This experience is not just an adventure on the water, but a complete immersion in the wildlife and natural beauty of the region.

Route features:
- Distance: route: 8,100 meters.

- Difficulty: Low: depends on the weather and sea conditions of the day (wind direction and intensity).
- Duration: Approximately 3 hours.


Route 1: Alcácer do Sal - Vale do Guizo

Paddling along the Sado River, with a favorable current, on a 15 km route, will certainly be an interesting challenge for canoeing fans.

From Alcácer do Sal to Vale do Guizo, between sugarcane fields and rice fields, this route offers ideal conditions for observing the rich local fauna, including herons, storks and ducks.

The departure location is dependent on tide times, and we can optionally include transportation to the departure point, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience.

Route 2: Alcácer do Sal - Vale do Guizo - Alcácer do Sal

Enjoy a full day of canoeing with our special event, which includes the route from Alcácer do Sal to Vale do Guizo and the return to Alcácer do Sal.

Along these 30km, you will have the opportunity to row along the Sado River, exploring sugarcane fields and rice fields as well as having the opportunity to observe the natural wealth of local fauna.

To make the experience even more complete, we offer a delicious lunch to recharge your batteries.

Route features

Route 1:- Distance:  15 km.
- Difficulty: low/medium (depends on the intensity of the current).
- Duration: approximately 3 to 4 hours.
Route 2: 
Distance: 30 km.
- Difficulty: medium/high (Depends on the intensity of the current).
- Approximate duration of 6 to 8 hours.

- Group of 14 people or payment of equivalent amount.



​The stunning area surrounding Ribeira do Cavalo Beach offers the perfect opportunity to combine two unforgettable activities.

The route extends from the shelter port of Sesimbra to Enseada do Frade, providing an appreciation of the Escadas and Mula bays, in addition to exploring the Boca do Tamboril cave.

Then, we will make a relaxing stop at the paradisiacal Ribeira do Cavalo Beach where you will have the opportunity to equip yourself to explore the underwater depths of this coastal region.

Route features:

Duration: 4 hours

Equipment (included)
- Double kayak, vest, seat and paddles;
- Fins;
- Respirator;
- Glasses.

Extra Equipment:
- Isothermal suit.

​Feel the sea breeze at your own pace, as you venture towards serene and little explored beaches, such as Ribeira do Cavalo Beach and Alpertuche Beach, among others, creating unique memories along the way.


​We hold kayak/canoe events for groups/companies on dates to be agreed.

We favor the area of Arrábida, Sesimbra and Ribeira do Cavalo Beach


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