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We have a wide range of team-building activities at your disposal, where teams join forces to achieve inspiring goals and create memorable experiences.

Discover a world of possibilities as you work to:

  • Improve communication, collaboration, and creativity;

  • Build trust through achieving common goals;

  • Bring a dose of vitality and well-being to teams.

  • Strengthen team spirit and unity;

  • Create unforgettable memories and enjoy authentic contact with nature.

Our team-building experiences await you in the stunning areas of Lisbon and Margem Sul do Tejo, including incredible locations such as Sintra, Monsanto, Sesimbra, Palmela, Arrábida and Tróia.

Get ready for a walking adventure full of surprises and exciting discoveries.

We have several route options, from walks around the Capital to the stunning beaches of Arrábida, each step becomes an opportunity to overcome challenges, follow intriguing clues and discover hidden treasures.

Whatever your preference, we offer exciting options that promise to create unforgettable memories.

Flexible 2-3 hour activity duration, adapted to group dynamics.

Ps: We have a special surprise at the end for all participants.

observacao golfinhos arrabida2.JPG

Venture out on a treasure hunt by boat along the Costa da Arrábida, Tróia, or Sesimbra.


Divided into teams, participants will solve riddles and follow strategically hidden clues along the route, in a competition full of adrenaline.


You have the choice to explore the secret beaches between cliffs, towards the majestic Cabo Espichel, or follow the enchanting Arrábida route.

Flexible duration of 2 to 3 hours, adapting to the group dynamics.

This kayak route allows you to explore the stunning landscapes of Arrábida and Albufeira Lagoon.

Participants will be divided into teams and will use double kayaks.

As you go along the route, clues and riddles can be found both in and out of the water to enhance the experience.

The activity involves some physical effort.

Flexible duration of 3 to 4 hours, adapting to the group dynamics.

tour kayak praia da Ribeira do Cavalo

​This activity combines the jeep and the kayak in the same adventure.

A route with a lot of adrenaline that passes through places such as Cabo Espichel, Castelo de Sesimbra and Lagoa de Albufeira or Forte de São Filipe, Miradouros da Arrábida, Alto do Jaspe, Lapa de Santa Margarida and the beaches of Creiro and Alpertuche.

Strategically hidden in boxes along the route, clues and riddles were provided to find the treasure while taking advantage of the surrounding landscape.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours (depending on the dynamics of the participants)

In this experience, we start with a relaxed walk through the Arrábida or at Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo, where participants divided into teams will have to find hidden boxes with clues.


Spoiler alert: One of the boxes is in the water and it will be necessary to board a kayak, making this adventure a unique experience, combining the elements of land and sea to provide unforgettable natural discoveries.

Flexible duration of 2 to 3 hours, adapting to the group dynamics.


We combined Land with the Sea and created a unique activity that encompasses two different experiences for its participants.


The routes run through the stunning Serra da Arrábida or Cabo Espichel and promise a lot of adventure to participants who will be divided into teams in search of boxes, strategically hidden with clues along the way.

But the tracks don't stop on land and continue into the sea, where it will be possible to explore and enjoy a boat trip admiring the entire natural landscape.

Flexible duration of 3 to 4 hours, adapting to the group dynamics.

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