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​Discover the thrill of treasure hunting with our personalized events for companies, groups and special celebrations.

Divided into teams, participants, using clues and with or without the aid of maps and/or guidance devices, will have to explore destinations such as Arrábida, Lisbon, Sintra and others, unraveling the clues to find the treasure.

We include a typical sweet from the region and a drink, offering a delicious break.

The duration of the activity can be flexible and adjusted based on the group dynamics. It can range from 2 to 4 hours.

Activity for groups organized on dates and times to be suggested, subject to reservation.


South Bank:  ​

Arrábida - Portinho da Arrábida
The route in the Creiro beach area, Portinho and Lapa de Santa Margarida passes through the Roman ruins of Salga de Peixe.

Possibility of one of the boxes being located in the water, requiring the use of 1 kayak.

Ribeira do Cavalo Beach - Sesimbra
The route along the beach. One of the boxes is in the water, so you will need to use a kayak to conquer it, thus adding an extra challenge.

Castle of the Moors - Sesimbra
The route takes place inside and outside the castle and has a strong historical component. Perfect for lovers of Portuguese history and the curious.

Palmela Castle
Route carried out inside and outside the castle, with a strong historical component. Perfect for the history-curious and hands-on learning enthusiasts.

Cabo Espichel - Sesimbra

Route defined by the Cabo Sanctuary area, which has a strong historical component. It's a different way of teaching history to little ones.

Sesimbra Village

Route drawn along the waterfront passing by the Fort of Santiago and the Igreja Matriz de Santiago.

Comporta Region - Tróia

This route encompasses the entire area surrounding Tróia Beach, passing through the marina.

Alcacer do Sal

A complete route where there is the possibility of exploring the historic center, the castle and even the banks of the Sado.

Peace Park in Almada

Route through the Peace Park in Almada, where the participant will be required to carry out some tasks to obtain some vital information to complete the route.

Greater Lisbon
Historic Center - Lisbon

Route through the historic center of the city, from Terreiro do Paço to Portas do Sol.

Belém - Lisbon

Route in the Belém area, passing through all the emblematic places such as: The Belém Tower, the Monument to the Discoveries and the Jerónimos Monastery. This route has a strong historical component

Monsanto Forest Park - Lisbon

Route through Monsanto Park, particularly near the Moinho do Penedo viewpoint and the Keil do Amaral Amphitheater.

Historic Center - Sintra
Route through the emblematic historic center of Sintra and also part of the Serra de Sintra.

Does not include the climb to the castle.

Other locations
We carry out treasure hunts in other locations, to be determined, subject to reservations.

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